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All The Gear - No Idea

Posted by Nathan Hughes on

We reckon between the Restrap collective, we’ve made every mistake it is possible to during our cycling careers… and we keep finding new ones to make, day in and day out. We figure now is the time to share some of our experience and help you avoid the blunders that we’ve already committed.

The Alpine Fixed Gear Club

Posted by Megan Owen on

A bike without gears? In the Alps? For some people it's the only way to travel.

The Penduro 18

Posted by Megan Owen on

Restrap friend Toby headed to our neck of the woods to take part in this year's Pennduro, a challenging 170km mixed on and off road loop around Calderdale. Find out how he got on.

Two friends, two bikes, one passion.

Posted by Megan Owen on

Restrap customer Leon shares his first ever bikepacking tour from his home in Bern, to Germany, and back.

From micro adventure to big adventure

Posted by Megan Owen on

Based in Denmark, Restrap customer Niels shares his story of his first 200km gravel adventure.

My first brevet: The Transcontinental Race

Posted by Megan Owen on

Restrap customer Ryan Le Garrec attempted the TCR this summer. It was a struggle - but taught him so much about himself, his limits and cycling in general.