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Road to Rouen by Gavin Peacock

Posted by Timothy Pulleyn on

Gavin Peacock, guest blogger for Victor and Liberty, who shares with us his over-night ride from Dover to Rouen….

MBWales adventures with Tom Hill

Posted by Timothy Pulleyn on

Gravel Roads with Legor Cicli

Posted by Timothy Pulleyn on

A couple of weeks ago, a very particular meet up took place in Barcelona… Ken, Mattia, Enrico, Jeff and John spent the weekend shooting the new Legor Cicli/ Crema Cycles Duo all-road bike and the new Legor Cicli Porreca Gravel all-road bike.

2016 Ambassadors Announced

Posted by Timothy Pulleyn on

We’re extremely excited to announce six Restrap Ambassadors for 2016!

Since 2014 we’ve always admired those who inspire us to go further, find somewhere new or challenge ourselves  to something different. It’s with this in mind that all our ambassadors were chosen.

Video Instructions for the #CarryEverything range

Posted by Timothy Pulleyn on

We’ve been working hard over the last year, to make it as easy as possible to explore the great outdoors with our touring range #CarryEverything.

Exploring the West Highland Way…

Posted by Timothy Pulleyn on

My first ride of 2016 was commuting to work, cold and wet, the same commute I’d abused last year whilst training for the TCR – Nothing had changed. I needed something to reinvigorate, inspire and motivate me.