Pedal Straps

Pedal Straps

Restrap pedal straps are our first ever product and we're still as proud of them as ever. Simple and effective, both versions offer comfort, ease of use, and unparalleled strength for all kinds of cycling.

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Diagonal Straps - Red
Story Our famous diagonal straps are now available in a red colourway. Construction S..
Diagonal Straps
Story The very first Restrap product is still a best seller to this day. Tough and ..
Horizontal Straps
Story A variation on our classic diagonal design, the horizontals offer the same reliable stren..


Restrap products are made by cyclists, for cyclists. Riding is what we do. When it all began, we were spending our summers tackling the hills of West Yorkshire, putting our bikes and ourselves to the test. We passed - our bikes didn’t. Amazing views, climbs and descents were frequently spoiled by one thing: broken pedal straps. Back then, there was simply nothing on the market strong enough to withstand the forces and pressures of everyday riding. So we made our own. 


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